Self-Serve BI for dbt metrics

Empower anyone to build queries and produce dashboards on your governed dbt metrics 🚀

How It Works

Get started with dbt metrics & Transform

Getting started is easy:

1. Add Transform Tools to your dbt project repo
2. Run your project's CI/CD pipeline
3. There is no third step... It's that simple

What we've built

Discover the power of our dbt integration


Transform's dbt metrics integration allows users to use our self-serve business intelligence product by leveraging metrics created in dbt.

With dbt & Transform, it’s now possible to activate your dbt metrics for your entire organization to consume, even those who don't know SQL.

Why we built it

Why we're excited about dbt metrics

As a consumer of logic from dbt, we want more logic from dbt metrics and so we have to start these conversations. Consumers want their BI Tools to be flexible and the key to making dbt metrics more flexible will be in how the dbt metrics spec evolves.